Stop Madrona
The Brea City Council should deny
the Madrona project because of:






Prone Hills

Air Quality


Air Quality

Loss of
Important Habitat
Water Use
Reduced Air

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The Madrona Project proposes to bulldoze this oak and walnut woodland that is surrounded by parklands and open space into a mass graded suburban neighborhood of large estate homes. Upper elevations of the site are visible from trails within Chino Hills State Park, Firestone Boy Scout Reservation, Western Hills, Sleepy Hollow, Olinda Village, Anaheim Hills, Disneyland and even the Pacific Ocean. The extensive knoll area is visually prominent from several directions.

Scenic resources on the Project site included stands of oak and walnut woodlands, prominent knolls, and the riparian canopy along Carbon Canyon Creek. Yet, the RDEIR downplays this dramatic conversion of the landscape and finds that all potentially significant aesthetic impacts will be less than significant with mitigation. This is despite the fact that the RDEIR repeatedly acknowledges that the Project would significantly alter the Project site.

The City's response to all of this is only to admit that these changes would be "somewhat negative" but that at the same time assuring us that these changes "would not significantly affect the character and quality of the site and surroundings." Amazingly, the addition of 162 houses and the subtraction of 1,400 oak and walnut trees will be virtually invisible. Aerial photographs make the point.

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The project site can be seen from all over Orange County and from Diamond Bar and Chino Hills.