Stop Madrona
The Brea City Council should deny
the Madrona project because of:






Prone Hills

Air Quality


Air Quality

Loss of
Important Habitat
Water Use
Reduced Air

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Public easements and the impacts on trails in the project area have not been discussed in the Madrona/ Canyon Crest EIR. Rather than provide on site parks for future residents, as clearly directed in the Carbon Canyon Specific Plan, the project proposes park-in-lieu-of-fees. The proposed Madrona project sits directly on top of the Olinda Trail. This trail has been enjoyed by hikers and horseback riders for many years and is a public easement. If this tentative tract map is approved, this trail would simply disappear. Another trail, La Vida Road would also be destroyed. This trail is even shown in the Thomas Brothers Maps. This project would demolish trail linkages that connect Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Bernardino County.

These trails and easements provide access to some of the most beautiful and accessible views easily available to the public in Southern California. They also offer access to Chino Hills State Park and trails within the Park, like the Sonome Trail. From these lofty ridges you can see long stretches of Carbon Canyon, Chino Hills, views to the Anaheim Stadium and beyond, all the way to the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island. In other directions you can see the forests of Firestone Scout Reservation and Mt. Baldy in the San Gabriel Mountains. On a clear day, the distant the peaks of Mt. San Gorgonio in the San Bernardino Mountains can been seen as well as Mt. San Jacinto above Palm Springs.

These trails are not just wishful thinking. They are integral parts of the City of Brea General Plan as shown on General Plan maps. These trails and maps have been envisioned over many years by Brea citizens and should have been respected. Instead their demolition is ignored.

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The General Plan designates specific trails in the region, but they'd be wiped off the map with the Madrona project.