Stop Madrona
The Brea City Council should deny
the Madrona project because of:






Prone Hills

Air Quality


Air Quality

Loss of
Important Habitat
Water Use
Reduced Air

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The EIR states: "The proposed Project has the potential to cause significant impacts with regard to seismic hazards in the areas of liquefaction and landslides, and also has the potential to cause unstable ground conditions."

You can bet that the above statement will not be in any of the marketing materials and with good reason. The EIR goes on to detail all of the things that they will perform to remove landslides and liquefaction hazards. Then they cross their fingers - because even though the developer has done piles of studies, they still don't know what they will find until they dig it up. And then because this is such an extreme geologic site, they are not 100% sure that the mitigation measures that they plan to put in place will work.

If any of these mitigation measures fail and cause slippage and damaged houses, who is responsible? The developer and his Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) will be long gone. It will be the City that approved the mitigation measures and the Project that will be sued. It will be Brea taxpayers that will end up paying for any failures. This has been the fate of Anaheim, Yorba Linda, Diamond Bar, Laguna Beach and more. And though costly in dollars it does not measure the trauma to the families who lost their investment and their homes.
This latest revision of the project now only builds on three of the four major landslides. That simply means they are cramming more houses onto less land on top of those three landslides.

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Other cities have experienced landslides
and guess what, the developer wasn't
around to be sued.