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the Madrona project because of:






Prone Hills

Air Quality


Air Quality

Loss of
Important Habitat
Water Use
Reduced Air

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Air Quality

One of the areas that the Madrona Project will not be able to mitigate is the decline in air quality during the construction of the Project. The Final EIR states that "Grading phase emissions from the construction of the proposed Project will result in significant unavoidable impacts involving emissions of PM10 [fine particulate matter] and NOx [nitrogen oxide]."

This is consultant speak for "the air is going to be really dirty during the many months of grading and we would like to make it better but we won't." The problem is that it will not be just a little dirty, but it will be really dirty. The EIR update states: "Construction in 2014 is the key year of concern, when NOx emissions are projected to exceed SCAQMD daily significance thresholds for regional emissions by 96 lbs/day, or 96 percent above the 100 lbs/day threshold."

For nitrogen oxide emissions, it will be much much higher than what the South Coast Air Quality District (SCAQMD) considers significant. The SCAQMD is the smog pollution control agency for our region. The 2012 EIR Update acknowledges that even with successful implementation of the construction phase mitigation measures, daily levels of NOx emissions generated by heavy construction equipment in the grading phases would still exceed the SCAQMD's threshold of significance for regional emissions.

Because it is an unavoidable, significant negative impact of the project, the Brea City Council must issue yet another Statement of Overriding Consideration (SOC) for Air Quality.

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Air Quality

Don't expect anything from the
developer to make the air better.