Stop Madrona
The Brea City Council should deny
the Madrona project because of:






Prone Hills

Air Quality


Air Quality

Loss of
Important Habitat
Water Use
Reduced Air

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PanoramaThe former Canyon Crest project, now called Madrona, will be decided by the Brea City Council in the coming months. The project proposes 162 units on 367 hillside acres in an historic fire corridor. The Council was forced into a legal settlement requiring them to process the project under rules that are 27 years old. But the Council has an out. They can turn the project down outright because the project cannot mitigate (fix) three significant unavoidable negative impacts: air quality, biology and traffic. Tell them to Just Say No.

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Tuesday, April 15th is the next hearing on the Madrona project. Public comments are now closed. The meeting starts at 7 PM in the Brea Council Chambers. The Council will resume its deliberations and debate until a decision has been reached. Plan to attend and listen to the Council's concerns.

View the City Council discussion of the project from the April 1st meeting on the City's website. The discussion is on Item 11.

View our final presentation to the Council from the March 18th meeting on YouTube.

View our presentation to the Council from the March 4th meeting on YouTube.

View the public comments from the February 4th hearing on the City of Brea's website. There were 20 speakers against the project and six for it.

View our presentation to the Council from the January 21st meeting on YouTube.



We urge hillside supporters to email two members of the Brea City Council before Tuesday, April 15th:

Mayor Brett Murdock

Mayor Pro Tem Marick

The message is simple: urge them to vote yes to the appeal and no to Madrona.

View footage of what will be lost if the Madrona project is built in a 80 second video or view a 6 minute version.

Madrona Flight


In approving the Final Environmental Documents, the Planning Commission issued three Statements of Overriding Consideration--on air quality, biology and traffic. This means they believed the benefits of this project (providing housing in Brea for millionaires) outweighed the negative impacts that would go on forever. These impacts would be borne by existing residents.

Issuing three Statements of Overriding Consideration for a project is a significant decision for the Brea City Council.

Learn About the Major Project Impacts >>

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